Publication: LYUN Magazine
Photographer: Asher Mendigorin
Published: 17/1/2020
Editorial: Grassland
Model/Stylist: Kirsty Barrett

After a not so long hiatus the start of 2020 has come with another cover, this time with fashion magazine LYUN.

I had told myself leading into December that I would put down my camera and spend more time with my family as the kids were on holiday.

With the dry conditions and the recent bush fires my usual end of year road travel was cancelled, and for the most part I kept true to not shooting a frame. That was until the 27th.

Due to the lack of activities we were able to do and the extreme heat of the Australian summer, there was little I could do outside of sitting at home with the kids in air conditioning. That’s when I received a message from model Kirsty (from my editorial in 2019 All Eyes on Me), “I am feeling super creative and would love to do a shoot”. Why not, my shutter finger was feeling itchy and its hard for me to sit still without clicking a frame. We discussed makeup and wardrobe and by 1PM we were out in the harsh sun shooting away.

For me, it was a great opportunity to practice shooting more fashion and to get out of the studio where most of my shoots are geared towards beauty.

On completion of the shoot, we sent our submission and within the hour, the editorial had been accepted. It’s always a good sign when they are promptly accepted, it may not mean it is a cover but it does usually mean you’ll get some good coverage. This would be for their February Plus Size release.

On the morning of the release I woke to the email, and at first I didn’t read it correctly as I was a little groggy having only woken up. On clicking the link, I was greeted with Kirsty’s face on the front cover and I re-read the email “CONGRATULATION, your editorial has been published in LYUN magazine. And of course, you are on the LYUN Cover”.

I messaged Kirsty to give her the good news, I’m glad she asked me to shoot that morning her timing could not have been better. As there were many family events during that period, she managed to get me on my only free day.

Photography by Asher Mendigorin