Publication: Like A Lion
Photographer: Asher Mendigorin
Published: 1/12/2019
Editorial: Prism
Model: Paula Cuyugan

A few weeks back I wrote an article about my return to film which featured model Paula Cuyugan, during this shoot we shot an editorial which I titled “Prism”.

The editorial would be shot using coloured gels and lens filters to create unique in camera effects rather than post production to achieve the final looks.

Heading into Christmas I’ve limited the amount of shoots in order to spend more time with the family during my weekends, so waking up this morning I was surprised to find there would still be one more cover in-store before the end of the year.

Paula Cuyugan on the front cover
Paula Cuyugan on the back cover

Experimenting has always been a priority in my shoots and I’m always willing to fail in order to succeed. What is the point if you’re not learning something new right?

So when you’re rewarded, it feels so much more satisfying!