It’s been a crazy couple of years…and a while since my last post (Fresh and bold match).

Looking back at this shoot, many things have happened. Of course the least of which, COVID. This shoot marked the first time PPE (personal protective equipment) would be used during the process of capturing our images.

Shortly after this, we went into our first lockdown in Sydney. This saw most creatives become inactive as we were unable to work along side makeup artists and venues would close their doors.

The easing of restrictions saw an influx of new brands, new shoots, new campaigns and a refreshed motivation to get the industry moving once again.

Hey Stacey Launch Camp

It wasn’t long before I would join the ride and book out most weeks to shoot campaigns, products and when I had time available, an editorial or two. My heart felt full.

Roaman Launch Campaign

Not being a fulltime photographer, I was to take learned lessons and convert them to sales.

Months passed, our second lockdown hit and jobs again became scarce. During this time, I realised. I no longer loved my work, it wasn’t due to the commercial nature of my shoots but rather the lack of learning.

I’ve always hated being stagnant, previously planning shoots from ground up always allowed me creative freedoms in challenging my execution. Pushing what I thought would fail, while doing my best to succeed.

By no means, am I complaining about being paid for my work. This has always been a nice perk that allowed me to continue up till now. I just find I’m looking for more meaning in my images, in my personal projects.

So hopefully with yet another year passing, and 2022 on the horizon. The hope is that the winds of change will bring new avenues, new opportunities and new meaning to my work going forward.